It is almost that time of year again….the kids are heading back to school, the leaves are going to start changing color soon, and the smell of fall is in the air. It is one of our favorite times of the year football comes back on and the Sunday eating fests begin! We have put together the top 10 items needed for a successful tailgating or football feeding frenzy! 

  1. Wings: These are essential to any football event, the hotter, stickier, and tastier the better. Our favorite of course is the smokehouse bbq style! 
  2. Beer: No football or tailgating frenzy is complete without beer. The cheeper the better unless of course you are trying to impress! 
  3. Cooler: You’ve got to keep the food cold and the beer even colder. A cooler is essential if you are having a football party at your house place it just outside the door on the deck for easy access and of course keep the recycling bin right next door! 
  4. A Big Screen: Always put a big screen tv with your favorite game front and center. 
  5. Chairs: The more the merrier. The couch is going to fill up with folks real quick so have some extra chairs handy! 
  6. RIBS: Ribs are one of our all time favorite things to have for a football frenzy or tailgating event. Slow cooked, falling off the bone deliciousness! 
  7. Napkins: You are going to get messy, the sticky wings, the beer, the ribs, chips, and the food overload. Don’t forget the napkins or even better wet wipes! Keep it clean! 
  8. Table: We alway encourage people to have a dedicated table for all the food. It helps keep the food organized, the people in line and of course you can very easily see the amount of food you have out! 
  9. GEAR: No fall football fest is complete without the gear! Sport your favorite team’s jersey and encourage others to do the same. Rivalries? No problem…the trash talk only adds to the fun! 
  10. A COOK: Either you or someone you know is going to have to be the head chef….you need someone who is willing to get up during the game for a few minutes to check on the progress of the food, do the leg work and ensure the food is amazing….or you can always hire us to do the catering for  your next big football frenzy party! 

Have a successful Football Frenzy! 

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