Download “Requirements of Organization” PDF

  • Electrical Requirements
    4 separate breakers- 110 volt circuits (2 for the trailer and 2 inside for the serving lines. We will supply extension cords.)
  • Ample number of volunteers to work event (see “Volunteer Requirements” form)
  • Pre-selling of tickets to ensure your events success (see “Pre-selling Tactics” document)
  • Advertising on radio, newspaper, tv (where applicable), and social media (facebook, twitter) – Country Rhodes can set up all advertising with your local agencies.
  • Any license or fee/permits required for your local community
  • One electric roaster for baked beans
  • Event hall with dishwashing facilities and designated parking for 50’ trailer & truck
  • Ensure that any applicable 3rd party event hall has given the organization permission for use of their kitchen facilities
  • Supply two 6-8 foot tables
  • Country Rhodes will print your tickets and send them to you or organization can print their own
  • Organization is responsible for drinks, cups, ice and dessert (if desired).


Download “Volunteer Requirements” PDF

2 hours prior to event
2 volunteers to meet mobile kitchen to set up serving line (some lifting is required)
Person to assist with electric will be needed at this time
Person in charge of event will be needed at this time to review paperwork and event schedule

 1 hour prior to event
3 volunteers to bread fish (mostly at the beginning of event) will need to be available throughout the event

30 minutes prior to event
2 volunteers to fill up salad bar- will be needed throughout the event
2 responsible adult volunteers to take tickets, money, and keep track of plates will be needed throughout the event
1 volunteers to clean tables, refreshments, desserts etc.

15 minutes prior to event
2 volunteers to refill hot bar will be needed throughout the event.  These volunteers will notify the chef when items are needed…

Prior to end of event
45 minutes prior – Start to let serving line run low
15 minutes prior – Announce last call for food

At end of event
2 volunteers to wash dishes

 2 volunteers to break down serving line, box up any leftovers, take dirty dishes to kitchen to be washed,  wipe down equipment, return to trailer, and wipe down outside of condiment pumps (do not take apart or wash) return pumps to mobile kitchen

Country Rhodes chef will be cleaning mobile kitchen and fryers at this time, chef will count plates and get totals when finished.    

Country Rhodes supplies one chef who does the cooking and helps with organization of the event and it’s volunteers. All other duties are the responsibility of the organization.