The key to a successful fundraising event is pre-selling your tickets.  By pre-selling tickets your organization ensures a hassle free event. And just in case…tickets are always available at the door the day of the event as well.

 Having trouble with preselling tickets? Feel free to contact our support staff
for more information. Call us at (217) 347-3474 or drop us an email at

 Pre-Selling tactics & getting people in the door

  • Contest/competitions between groups, classes, students for selling the most tickets.
  • Send a picture or video of your cause to we will post it on our facebook page. Like and share the event to have even more people come to the fundraiser!
  • Ask local businesses to buy 10 or more tickets and donate them to a local radio station or other place of business for giveaways of 2 tickets each – you get tickets sold and the business gets free advertising.
  • Ask people to buy and donate to a food pantry in addition to their purchase.
  • Ask each group, class, student, member to be responsible for X number of tickets.
  • Provide deliveries in bulk to local factories that have 2nd shift.  They ask for X number of tickets and then you deliver X number of meals.  As an  example one group delivered over 100 meals to a local workplace!
  • 50/50 drawing during dinner. You can entice people to pay just a few dollars more for bulk tickets (example: 3 raffle tickets for a dollar, or for $5 they can get as many tickets that can reach from their head to their feet)
  • Raffles, silent auctions, bake sales
  • Ask a Mobile Book Fair to attend.  Country Rhodes can refer one to you.
  • Simply ask people to be charitable to your cause. Nothing ventured…nothing gained.

*Country Rhodes highly discourages charging more than our ticket prices.  Organizations who have done this have a noted lower attendance.