The following offers the typical scenario leading up to and during each Country Rhodes event

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2 Months Prior
– Event Scheduled
– Recipient Organization secures appropriate facility

1 Month Prior
– Press Announcement of Event
– Ticket distribution begins

2 weeks Prior
– Volunteer schedule completed by organization

1 week prior
– Advertising your event (newspaper, radio, billboards, television, facebook, twitter)

Event Day

2:00 pm
 – Country Rhodes arrival, begin setup
Volunteers assist with setup:
breading of the fish, heat table and salad table

3:45 pm
– Frying begins

4:00 pm
– Event opens
Volunteers man ticket station, take product from mobile kitchen to heat table,
keep condiments and salad table filled, serve and refill drinks.

7:00 pm
– Event closedown
Volunteers box up condiments; break down salad bar, heat table,
wash and sanitize all cooking pots and pans
– On site chef is cleaning the fryers

8:00 pm
– Country Rhodes Departure from event.