holiday feastThe holidays can be an exciting time, offering a chance to reconnect with family and friends and  share happy moments and make new memories to last a life time. But Country Rhodes knows that the holidays can also be very stressful. The holidays can be very hectic and there never seems to be enough time to get everything don

Country Rhodes wants to help you avoid all  the stress of the holidays. We have put together ten tips on making your holiday a success.
1.  Narrow down the to-do-list. Try to slim down the list of chores to the bare necessities. 
2.  Minimize the gift list. Limit gifts to children only, draw names, or organize a gift exchange.
3.  Minimize the cooking. You do not need to spend all night Thanksgiving eve baking till two in the morning. Have Country Rhodes get you organize and eliminate some of the cooking time. 
4.  Wrap as you go. You do not to spend all of Christmas Eve catching up on wrapping. 
5.  Call, don’t send cards. Reach out and touch someone by using those cell phones. Everyone has one in there back pocket 24-7. Online greeting cards are fun to send and receive.
6.  Cut down on the cleaning.  Focus only on cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, do not worry about everything being perfect. It is the time of year to enjoy family and friends. Clean up after the holiday season.
7. Scale back on the decorating. Focus on the big three. The front door, the table and the tree.
8.  Downsize on dish washing.  Why not let Country Rhodes cater all your parties so you can sit back and enjoy all your family and friends.
9.  Buy, don’t bake. Turn your back on the oven this year and let Country Rhodes be your source for all your holiday parties.
10. Stay at home! Cuddling down by the fire with all your family and friends, sleeping under the tree, watching your favorite holiday classic movie, singing Christmas carols, or just admiring your tree. 
Country Rhodes has you covered for all your Holiday parties and a road to a successful stress free holiday!  We can provide fresh quality food cooked onsite for your special holiday party. Country Rhodes focuses on providing a wide range of catering services to suit all your holiday needs and eliminate all the stress.

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